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ALL children are capable of learning. Many children find themselves falling behind their peers, despite a lot of effort, because they are frustrated by learning difficulties. Some fall behind because they have a hard time focusing on learning, or making an organized effort to get homework done. Many have gaps in their understanding and lack foundational skills.


The bottom line is many children have been left behind. Many schools are not equipped to teach children who may learn differently, need extra attention, or have developed gaps for one reason or another. Without intervention, the future is unremarkable for such children, and what becomes of them has a serious impact on society.   


According to statistics, a child not reading proficiently by the end of 4th grade has a 78% chance of not catching up.  Statistics also indicate 20% of all high school seniors are functionally illiterate.   Thirty-two million American adults can not read at all and 50 million are unable to read higher than 5th grade level?  


Wherever there is a child struggling in school, the odds are there are parents struggling to figure out how to find the most effective help for that child.  As parents, we are accustomed to being our child's hero.  We are accustomed to saving the day and making their problems go away.  The SCA Tutoring Center is the tool that you can use to help alleviate your child's stress and eliminate your fears.  We will provide your child with life long skills to become a better learner.

Give Your Child The Tools To Succeed



Unfortunately, many American schools struggle to solve the problem our children face.  In most schools, teachers teach to the class and have little time for individualized lessons, which results in many students being left behind and falling through the cracks.   


Parents want their children to have the right to an equal education despite their economic circumstances.  You want your children to learn and have the same opportunities as others.  The SCA can help!  We provide top quality service at affordable rates. Our dedicated tutors help students understand, believe and achieve! 

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