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One on One Tutoring
One-on-One Tutoring

At SCA, we stand apart in the realm of personalized tutoring, bringing nearly two decades of expertise to the forefront of educational support. Our foundation is built on scientific, research-based interventions, ensuring that our methods are not just proven, but also tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.

Our approach is both diagnostic and prescriptive, moving beyond the one-size-fits-all programs that have proliferated in the tutoring landscape. We delve deep into understanding your child's specific challenges and strengths, crafting a bespoke learning plan that addresses their individual needs. This personalized strategy ensures that our tutoring is as unique as the students we serve, covering all core subjects from preschool through to college level.

In every session, our seasoned educators provide undivided attention, fostering an environment where your child can thrive and achieve their full potential. Whether it's mastering English and Reading, or excelling in Math and Science, our comprehensive, one-on-one tutoring sessions are designed to unlock each student's academic prowess.

To discover the SCA difference and how our nearly 20 years of dedicated tutoring experience can benefit your child, we invite you to reach out to us at 973-545-2646. Our team is ready to answer your questions and guide you towards the most effective tutoring solutions tailored to your child's educational journey.

Summer Tutoring

Supercharge Your Child's Success!
Enroll in Our Exclusive Summer Program Today and Prepare Them
for a Stellar Year Ahead.

Summer has always been a critical period where students can potentially lose an average of 2-3 months of knowledge, particularly in math and reading. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the achievement gap, leaving many students even further behind due to school closures and virtual learning. Our world has changed, and our children's education has been directly affected.

Educators have reported significant learning loss due to COVID-19 when students returned to school in Fall 2020. However, with our summer tutoring program, your child has a unique opportunity to minimize the effects of both the summer slide and COVID-19. Instead of falling behind, they can start the new school year on the right track and possibly even get ahead of their peers. Summer is also an ideal time to prepare for standardized tests like the SAT/ACT.

At SCA, we believe that summer should be both enjoyable and engaging. While having fun, we will continue to implement proven teaching techniques and methods to address your child's learning difficulties. Make this summer count! Take advantage of our Summer 2024 programs and give your child the competitive edge they deserve.

Don't underestimate the importance of summer in shaping your child's academic success. By enrolling them in our exclusive summer program, you are investing in their future and providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in the coming school year.

Prepare your child for a successful academic journey. Supercharge their success by enrolling them in our exclusive summer program today! Visit our website or contact us at 973-545-2646 to learn more and secure your child's spot.

Together, let's make this summer the pivotal difference that sets the stage for an exceptional school year ahead.


Check out our Summer 2024 programs!

Online Tutoring

Experience Personalized and Engaging Online Tutoring - Unleash Your Child's Potential from Anywhere!


Online tutoring can be a powerful supplement to your child's learning journey, but it's essential that it aligns with their unique needs. At SCA Tutoring, we have gone the extra mile to create the best possible online tutoring experience, ensuring that every session is tailored to your child's requirements and equipped with valuable learning skills.

Just like our in-person tutoring, our online program begins with a careful matching process, pairing your child directly with a tutor who is best suited to their needs. From there, a personalized learning plan is crafted specifically for your child's academic growth.

Through our live lessons on the Zoom platform, your child will engage with their tutor in a dynamic virtual classroom. Our tutors utilize a range of interactive tools, including a virtual whiteboard, chat feature, live audio, and even live video when necessary. With the ability to share documents and upload homework assignments, the sessions are designed to be interactive and comprehensive.

The best part? There's no need for any special tools or equipment. All your child needs is a computer or tablet with an internet connection, and they're ready to embark on an exciting learning journey with us.

We understand that every child is unique, and we believe that learning should be personal and fun. Experience a sneak peek into our engaging online tutoring sessions and discover how we can unlock your child's potential from anywhere.

Join our transformative online tutoring program and empower your child to thrive academically, no matter the distance. Enroll today and witness the remarkable difference it can make in their educational success.

Home School Assistance

Simplify Your Homeschooling Journey with Our Experienced Tutors!

Homeschooling can be challenging for parents, juggling teaching responsibilities and ensuring access to high-quality academic resources. That's why many parents turn to our homeschool tutors. Our tutors not only alleviate the workload for parents but also introduce students to diverse teaching styles.

With extensive experience working with students of all ages and abilities, our homeschool tutors provide completely individualized and affordable tutoring and homeschool services for students in grades PreK-12. We understand that each family's needs are unique, which is why our center director conducts a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to discuss your requirements and gather essential information. This allows our leadership team to establish a tailored instruction plan and match each student with the perfect tutor.

Experience a simplified homeschooling journey where your child receives personalized attention and guidance from our dedicated tutors. Contact us today to schedule your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION and discover how we can support your homeschooling success.

Small Group Tutoring

Experience Personalized Learning in Small Group Sessions!


Unlock the Power of Individualized Instruction and Focused Learning.

At SCA Tutoring, we offer small group sessions designed to provide your child with personalized attention and focused learning. In these sessions, your child will work independently with one of our highly qualified tutors, receiving individualized instruction tailored to their specific needs.

Our small group sessions have a maximum of three students, ensuring that each student receives dedicated guidance from the tutor. During the sessions, your child will delve deep into the topic, immersing themselves in the subject matter. This personalized approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of the material and encourages your child to excel at their own pace.

While these sessions prioritize independent learning, they also offer the benefit of a supportive environment. Students have the opportunity to build upon their prior knowledge, fostering their growth and development. Our tutors provide guidance and support, empowering students to take ownership of their learning and develop essential leadership abilities.


Join our small group sessions and witness the transformative impact of individualized instruction in a focused learning environment. Contact us today to secure your child's place and unlock their full potential through personalized learning.

Please note that these classes are available at specific times of the year when scheduling opportunities are open. Contact us today to secure your child's place and unlock their full potential through personalized learning.

Standardized Test Preparation

Optimize Your Child's Test Success!

In today's world, standardized tests hold increasing importance. If you have concerns about your child's preparedness for these crucial exams, we are here to help.

Our process begins with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, enabling our tutors to identify areas of strength and areas that require improvement. With this valuable insight, we guide students through the material they will encounter on the tests, focusing on effective strategies for approaching each section.

At SCA Tutoring, we prioritize thorough comprehension of the material and critical thinking skills. Our trained tutors are well-versed in preparing students for a range of exams, including the SAT, SAT II Subject Tests, ACT, etc. We have the expertise and resources to ensure your child is equipped for optimal results.

Don't leave your child's test success to chance. Contact us today to discuss the options available and let our dedicated tutors provide the guidance and support your child needs to excel on standardized tests.

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