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One on One Tutoring

At SCA, we take pride in our individual one on one tutoring sessions. We find that there is no better way to help our students than to provide them with undivided and individualized attention. 


After meeting with and assessing your child, we will develop a plan that fits their specific needs and focuses on his or her areas of weakness.  

We offer one on one tutoring for students grades  pre-school to college for a wide range of subjects from English and Reading to Math and Science.  Please give us a call at 973-545-2646 if you would like more information about our one on one program or have specific subject you would like to inquire about.  

Summer Tutoring

We've learned about summer learning loss.  Now there is also the COVID-19 learning loss.  This summer will be more important than ever in helping students recover from the academic effects of summer loss as well as Covid-19.

Summer has always been a time where students can potentially lose an average of 2-3 months of knowledge, especially in math and reading.  There has been a significant achievement gap noted between students that participate in summer learning and those that do not.  The COVID-19 pandemic, has caused a greater achievement gap for students throughout the country due to schools being closed and virtual learning. As of March 2020, our world as we know has changed and our children's education has been directly effected. 

Educators are now reporting that students have returned to school with learning loss due to COVID19 in Fall 2020 . With summer tutoring, students have an opportunity to reduce the effects of both the summer slide as well as Covid-19.  They have the opportunity to start the new school year on the right track and possibly get ahead of their peers rather than taking the summer learning slide.  Summer is also the best time to prepare for standardized tests like the SAT/ACT. 


Summer at SCA is fun but also engaging.  We will continue to use proven teaching techniques and methods to help solve your child's learning difficulties. Make this summer count!  Check out our Summer 2023 programs!

Online Tutoring


Online tutoring can be a great supplement but only when it best fits a child’s needs. Even in the online space, a tutor must know how to connect with their student, tailoring their program while continuously providing guidance and valuable learning skills.

We have worked hard to give students the best possible online tutoring experience.   Just like our in-person tutoring, students are matched directly with a tutor based on their needs, and given a tailored learning plan suited just for them.    Your child will work with tutors in a live lesson utilizing the zoom platform.  With this platform we will use tools like a virtual whiteboard, chat, live audio or live video.  Your child can share documents and upload homework assignments to utilize during the session.  There are no special tools or equipment required. The sessions are personal and fun! Take a sneak peek!

Home School Assistance

It can be difficult for parents of homeschooled students to find both the teaching time and necessary academic resources to ensure a high-quality learning program. For this reason, many parents turn to our homeschool tutors whose presence not only ease the workload for parents but can also expose the student to other styles of teaching. Our homeschool tutors have extensive experience working with students of all ages and  abilities. We provide completely individualized, affordable tutoring and homeschool services for students in grades PreK-12.    The center director meets with each family for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to discuss needs and gather information that helps our leadership team establish an individualized plan for instruction and match each student with the best tutor.

Small Group Tutoring

We offer small group sessions in which we pair your child with one of our highly qualified tutors.  The sessions are limited to a maximum of three students.   Each session consists of the student receiving personal individualized instruction from the tutor along with guided independent learning. This helps students really get into the zone with what the topic is about and provide them with the opportunity of interaction among peers. These sessions also allow students to build upon their prior knowledge while promoting their leadership abilities. 

Standardized Test Preparation

The world is focusing more and more on standardized tests. If you feel that your child is not completely prepared for these tests, give us a call so we can discuss options. 


Students begin by taking a diagnostic assessment.  Tutors will expose students to the material they will encounter on the tests and develop strategies for approaching each section. We emphasize learning the material thoroughly and thinking critically about every question. Whether preparing for the SAT, SAT II Subject Tests, ACT, or PARCC, our trained tutors can help your child prepare for optimal results. 

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