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What do our students think about tutoring at sca?

"Before I came to you for help she was struggling in all her school subjects.  She was getting bad grades and about to be retained.  When we came to SCA you took her in with open arms and believed in her. Each day Ivanna looked forward to going to SCA and she had the best time there.  Her attitude toward reading and homework changed drastically.  Ivanna started to get better and she worked her way to the top.  Now that we have moved to a different town, she has received her first report card.  Her eyes filled with tears of happiness.  She immediately wanted to see you and your wonderful staff. I thank each and every tutor that works at SCA Tutoring.  With all your hard work you helped Ivanna become one of the top students in her class!"

- Viktoriya V.

"The SCA Tutoring Center has had a tremendous impact on my son.  His grades, as well as his motivation, have improved drastically due to the passion and commitment of the tutors at the center.  They really encourage my son to learn and think critically about what he has learned in order to apply it to his school subjects. - Mrs. Abdalllah

Last year my son who was in the 4th grade was 65 and 61 the first and second period, we worried a lot. SCA tutoring center was for us and especially for my son the right place for his leveling. The third and fourth periods he was able to reach 85 and 89 to end the year. Now that first period is over he has 100. My son feels very comfortable in his class and now he is very confident for his tests. Thank you very much SCA tutoring center to the teachers and especially to Mrs. Stevens for her flexibility when my son cannot attend when he feels sick or for other reasons.


"A few years back my son Jason was going through a very hard time in school.   He was failing in major subjects like English & Math.   A friend of mine recommended the SCA.  Enrolling Jason at the SCA was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Jason has progressed tremendously and he is now an A/B student! :) Confidence, knowledge and excellent grades have been major improvements for Jason.  I now see a very confident & happy student who is not afraid of failing.  I believe having students receive education in a small & private atmosphere helps them be more successful.  The Director & tutors are a great team & I surely recommend The SCA! I will always thank them for helping my son succeed in school & have a brighter future."- Mrs. Garcia

"My two kids have been going to SCA for over a year.  I see so much improvement. I have never been happier than choosing SCA for them. The kids love all the teachers!" - Mrs. Mackic

"I'm very pleased with the services of SCA Tutoring. My son looks forward to going each and every week.  He's already requesting that he come for the summer! SCA has helped boost his academic confidence level in and out of the classroom!  Thank you SCA!"  - Mrs. Campbell-Sills

I was searching for tutoring online for my 6 year old who's currently struggling with reading when I came across SCA. I'm grateful to God I was able to find SCA which is not only conveniently near my area but also just what I was looking for. Mrs. Stevens was beyond amazing! Professional, communicative and last but not least extremely honest through out the assessment process. My daughter hasn't started her lessons yet and I can't express enough how excited I am. I normally don't write reviews online, but this time I felt like I had to =).


My daughter has just started at SCA tutoring and she absolutely loves it! She has already begun to do her division and knows it . We are extremely excited my daughter and I , and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for her at SCA! Thank you!!!

Screen Shot 2023-06-25 at 7.54.11 AM.png

"I’m really happy with the program. My daughter has shown improvement and she recently received an A on her spelling test." - Mrs. Argueta

I am grateful to have found such a great tutoring center like SCA. They are highly professional and I know my child is in good hands. My daughter loves Ms. Z! We are sincerely thankful for your service and support.


Mrs. Stevens, we want to thank you and your team from the bottom of our hearts for putting Sophia first and reaching her.   We are extremely proud of her and how hard she has been working.  Her grades have improved this semester, we see it in her confidence and ability to want to learn.  Sophia has seen what she's capable of and this report card truly hits home for us.  Thank you again!!" - Susan P.

"My son is six years old.  Last year he started kindergarten and struggled from the very beginning.  Learning at school became very hard for him.  As a parent, I tried to help him.  I sat with him every day and worked with him.  It was very upsetting for him and frustrating for me because I didn't know how to help him.  He didn't like doing his homework anymore and basically cried every day.  In June, I heard about the SCA Tutoring Center from a friend and decided to give it a try.  He was evaluated and shortly after started classes.  It didn't take long before I started seeing results.  It has been four months and already he is reading books for his grade level on his own.  Now he is in first grade and doing very well.  He not only improved in learning but he has gained confidence.  I strongly recommend this program because not only are they wonderful tutors to my son but also a great help to me.  The director gives me pointers on how to help him at home.  I can approach her with any concerns.  The most important thing is my son loves to go to the classes and I can honestly say he is finally happy." - Mrs. Franczak

"The two most significant improvements I saw in Emilio after getting in your center, was his self confidence that he could pass, complete the 8th grade’s work, and very importantly how he went from an F in two of the most important subjects like Science and Languages Arts, to B's.  That was possible through  the efforts and dedication of your staff and you.  I especially love the day that you took the time from your busy schedule to go to the Emilio's school with me to talk with administrators and teachers, to find out first hand his weakness and how we all could help him to successfully pass his grades.  We all talk about how important it is for a child to know that you CARE. That, you did very well with my Emilio, and that has had a ever lasting effect. Today, I see Emilio very motivated and confident. He is doing the work at St. Mary's HS.I am very sure that my son, Emilo would have not passed the 8th Grade without your help." - Ms. Goico 

“The SCA staff helped my daughter get to where she needed to be in a very short amount of time. Everyone is great, very professional and friendly. We are glad we made the decision to go with SCA. We absolutely recommend SCA to anyone that has a child that is struggling with their subjects. Great school!"- Mr. Dransfield


"Our daughter has been attending SCA Tutoring for close to a year and we couldn't be more happy with the improvements we have witnessed. We are grateful to everyone at the center for taking the time to pour into our girl by encouraging and supporting her through her personal struggles while maintaining her dignity. The difference in her level of confidence and steady improvement to her abilities is obvious. We account that to the professionalism and patience we have witnessed from every single person we encounter at SCA. Thank you for the work you do and the positive contributions you make to our community." - Mrs. Larkin

"The individualized attention each child receives is exceptional! My daughter is currently a student and we are very satisfied. Through this difficult time, my daughter remains a priority for SCA. We went from tutoring at the center to Zoom tutoring without any interruptions of our weekly sessions. Great place for development of independence and confidence for your children!" - Ms. Davis

I love SCA tutoring center , everyone there is so nice and sweet , my daughter loves the teachers they are so caring and sweet . She learned to read and write in 3 months thanks to this center! Thank you so much !


"My girls and I had a great experience with SCA tutoring center. They have progressed in a such short period of time that I was amazed with the center. They have taught my girls so much and to this day they use the skills that they have taught them. The staff is very friendly and understanding. My girls enjoyed going to tutoring. The director, Mrs.Stevens is the best and very professional. I had such a great relationship with her that any concerns with my girls she addressed and followed up with me with their progress. I would definitely recommend SCA tutoring center to any parent with struggling children in school. It will make a difference, my girls are the proof!  Thank you"! - Wendy

I don't usually write reviews, but I'm doing it now because it is well deserved and I feel like I should talk about how the center helped my daughter. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. I've seen the amazing progress my daughter made (and still making) everyday. The pandemic and online learning were not the best fit for my daughter and her school suggested to hold her back in her grade, so we decided to enroll her at SCA and it was the best decision we ever made. Now she is thriving, confident, happy to go to her sessions, and do her homework. Thank you SCA and to all the tutors in the team.

"This center has done wonders for my daughter. We’ve been a part of the SCA family for over a year now. In the beginning, my daughter was in danger of being retained. After months of trying to help her on my own, I accepted that I didn’t possess the skill set needed and after researching other tutoring centers, found SCA. We met with the Director/Owner herself and enrolled the same day; everyone there is so welcoming. We opted for one on one tutoring, which was reasonably priced and a true one on one experience unlike some other places we looked at. My daughter loves all her tutors and actually looks forward to going to her sessions. A year later, she is now passing all her courses, there are times where she already knows the material being introduced in her class because the center has already covered it with her - and this makes her feel like a million bucks! I highly recommend SCA Tutoring for any struggling students or students who just want to stay ahead". - Mrs. Sharrock


"All the teachers are so nice! They have very good service. I really love this place. Thank you so much!!" - Sheree


"Mrs. Stevens and her team of tutors have been great. They all know the material and have so much love and patience with the children. My daughter has learned so much from her time there."  - Hector 

"They are great, all of them!  I can never thank them enough for helping my kids to do better in school.  I would recommended to anyone!" - Anjeza Kolaci


SCA tutoring is a great and wonderful place to send your child. Not only has my child exceeded my expectation of learning, but she is doing phenomenal in school with her reading and math. She is always curious to learn new words and always going to her library to read books that she couldn't read on her own. She is doing very well in school with the help of SCA Tutoring. I would recommend this place to anyone who has a child that is struggling with the fundamental of learning. They are very professional and they are always in communication with you about your child's progress and about the center. I will continue to send my child to SCA Tutoring. My child continues to grow and soar in her learning, so Thank you SCA Tutoring for helping my child enjoy learning to read and learning math. - Ms. Thomas

My daughter, Corrine started at SCA Tutoring on February 29, 2016.  They did a diagnostic assessment to set goals for her.  They have one on one tutoring with flexible schedules which I need because I work at a hospital.  Mrs. Q. Stevens, the director, and her professional team of tutors, can make it happen.  My daughter, Corrine, is now a consistent principal A lister at Paramus Catholic High School.  I highly recommend SCA Tutoring Center! - Cora Javellana


I have two children (9&5) who both attend the SCA Tutoring Center.  They both rave about how much they love the caring and understanding staff.  Both of my boys have learned so much during the summer and have grown so much academically. We will without a doubt continue using the program.  The best advice I can give, is to bring your children there!

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