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About SCA Tutoring Center

Our mission is to support and empower our students to reach their full potential by achieving academic success through our intervention and supplemental educational services. This will be accomplished by providing a positive environment conducive to learning, professional and qualified tutors, our comprehensive diagnostic assessment and an individualized learning plan. Our tutors are challenged to not only master the traditional scientifically research based teaching methods but to think outside of the box, creating and teaching new methods which will contribute toward creating a new educational paradigm.

Emphasis on

Individualized Tutoring

At SCA, we understand that your child is unique. That is why we take  pride in our custom-tailored, individualized tutoring sessions with our qualified, dedicated tutors. Not every student has the same learning habits. Therefore, we work with each student and his/her tutor to ensure an effective tutoring session. These sessions not only allow students to improve academically, they provide an opportunity for students to become more confident in themselves and build on skills that will help them in and out of the classroom.

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