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Need Help with Your Homeschool?

Sometimes homeschooling can feel overwhelming

Homeschooling is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your children and take control of what they are learning.  It allows you to teach to your child's learning style and at the pace your child learns.  It is really a wonderful opportunity!   However, deciding to homeschool can be very intimidating, confusing, scary and overwhelming.  Quite often, new homeschool parents, wish they had someone to talk to that has experience.  Sometimes, you just need someone to take your hand and offer you a little reassurance and guidance. 


If you feel this way, you have come to the right place and we can help!  Our Director has over 15 years of homeschool experience.  We have helped numerous families and we can help you too!

What do we do?

Get Started

If you are just getting started with homeschooling, we help you figure things out.  We help create and solidify your vision for your homeschool.



We will help you think through what you desire for your children and assist in planning your homeschool year.  We will also help guide you with determining your children's learning style and choosing a curriculum that supports that style.



This is huge! Many new homeschoolers experience self doubt and insecurities.  Do you question if you are qualified to teach your child?  Are you worried and stressed that you are doing it all wrong? Let us help you!

What does a consultation include?

  • After you purchase the consultation, you will receive a questionnaire from us. This questionnaire will help us determine expectations from the consult as well as help us prepare for your Zoom call or in-person meeting.  Once we receive your questionnaire, we will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your homeschool consultation. 

  • 60 minute consultation.  During this consultation we will discuss your needs, any pain points, possible solutions and more!  After our consultation, we will follow up with an emailed summary of our discussion and plan for your homeschool.  We will also provide you with links to any resources that may assist you. 

  • 15 minute follow up consultation.  Within 30 days we will follow up with you to see how you are doing.   If needed, we will send one follow up email with resources and links to assist you with any struggles that may have occurred during that 30 day period.

  • After this point, if any additional services are needed, an additional consultation will need to be scheduled.

  • There are no refunds after services have been rendered.

After homeschooling my own 5 children for over 15 years and helping others homeschool their children for over 10 years, I am here to tell you that you are totally capable of providing a superior education for your child.  Allow me to take your hand and help you along the process!

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