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Fall Updates!

With the school year now well underway, the center has been as busy as ever this season, creating even more fun ways to engage the children. With phonics and reading being critical for a child's success, we have introduced new strategy bookmarks the children can take with them on the go. If they get stuck while in class, they can refer to the bookmark and remember some of the strategies they learned previously at the center.

They seem to really be enjoying them!

Silly Summer Send Away

To welcome a new school year, the SCA decided to give summer a proper goodbye with a week of fun activities. It was fun for everyone, including the tutors who were an integral part in adding to the atmosphere and excitement of the week.

The SCA Celebrates 12 Years Of Excellence

In honor of the SCA turning 12 this year, the center created a temporary Fun Lounge for the children to enjoy! During this one week celebration, we had snacks, games, and arts and crafts them to enjoy within our Fun Lounge. This year, we celebrated EXCELLENCE, as everyone at the center always strives to do their best and go the extra mile for the community. Here's to many more great years!

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