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Summer Updates!

With summer comes fun in the sun and many exciting additions to the tutoring center! Now open, is the SCA Resource Store. Unlike most resource stores, ours has personalized suggestions based on the needs of each individual child. You can find fun manipulatives, games and workbooks to keep your children entertained and learning throughout the summer!

Beat the summer slide with customized learning packs now available! Give your child a learning boost with personalized packets based on their assessments that target weak areas and reinforce previously learned material. Let’s keep kids sharp throughout the summer and give them the confidence to succeed in the upcoming school year.

SCA Store

Keep an eye out for the SCA workbooks Volume 1 and 2 coming soon! For grades I and 2, these Reading and Writing workbooks feature Non- fiction passages about some of kid's favorite stars such as John Cena, Beyoncé, and many more!

Lastly, the summer program is starting soon! Running from July 2nd to mid September, with one-on-one and group sessions available, this program will help reinforce material learned in school as well as strengthen any areas of weakness. For more information check out the main page!

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