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Our Summer READING courses meet the New Jersey State standards and include the


Entering Kindergarten: letter identification, phonics, sight words, rhyming words,

beginning reading skills, proper pencil grip, beginning writing skills (proper letter

formation), listening comprehension

Entering Grades 1 and 2: phonics, decoding, and word analysis, sight words, fluency,

independent reading, predictions, story elements, listening comprehension, sequencing,

main ideas, and details, reading comprehension strategies

Entering Grades 3, 4, and 5: phonics, syllabication and decoding longer words, fluency,

independent reading, prediction, sequencing, comprehension strategies, identification

knowledge of fictional plot stages, character development, identifying genres, complex

texts, and vocabulary development

Entering Grades 6, 7, and 8: reading and comprehension development of more complex

texts, developing a richer and more varied vocabulary, application of comprehension and

developing reading comprehension strategies.

The Summer MATH Program is a course that will improve, maintain and expand student’s math

skills during the summer months and prepare them for the upcoming school year. The program

includes one on one instruction as well as small group instruction. We offer stimulating

activities led by a qualified tutor.

Our summer MATH courses meet the New Jersey State Standards and include the following:

Entering Kindergarten:

● Count and identify numbers 1-31

● Recognize shapes

● Identify, describe, and reproduce patterns with numbers, shapes, colors, or words

● Beginning money skills

● Beginning time skills

● Beginning adding and subtracting skills

Entering Grades 1 and 2:

● Recognize and write numbers up to 100 - 1000

● Count by twos, fives, and 10s to 100

● Mentally add numbers to 10

● Add and subtract to 20

● Add and subtract 2-3 digit numbers

● Count, add and subtract money

● measurement

● Tell time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour

● Calculate elapsed time

● Understand greater than, less than, lighter than, heavier than, the same as, etc.

● Recognize simple mathematical symbols (e.g., “+”, “=”, “>";"<")

● Sequence numbers

● Identify place value to the thousands

Entering Grades 3, 4, and 5:

● Add and subtract numbers to 10,000

● Memorize the multiplication table

● Develop multiplication skills

● Multiply multi-digit numbers by a single and double digit divisors

● Divide multi-digit numbers by a single-digit number

● Identify written and spoken numbers up to 100,000

● Explain in words how a math problem was solved

● Use measuring tools to calculate volume, area, length, and height

● Analyze and graph data (Work with simple fractions and decimals

● Round to the nearest whole number

● Predict patterns in shapes and numbers

● Tell time to the nearest minute

● Calculate perimeter and averages

● Know when and how to incorporate various mathematical operations during problem-


● Understand that there is more than one way to solve a math problem

● Become more proficient at “mental math” (doing calculations in her head)

Entering Grades 6, 7, and 8:

● Interpret charts and graphs

● Solve problems involving decimals, fractions, percentage, and geometry

● Utilize geometrical tools like the compass and protractor

● Begin learning algebra, the concept of zero, and negative numbers

High School Preparatory Program

(Level: open to students entering grades 9 and 10)

The Summer Program for High School Students promises to have a fun, safe environment where you will be

surrounded with people who are just as driven and ambitious as you are.


An intensive review in four major skill areas for students who wish to strengthen their preparation

for high school level work.

Expository Writing

Students reinforce skills in grammar and punctuation as they learn to narrow a general subject into

a usable, focused thesis and to write a coherent and informed essay. Through reading and writing,

students develop writing strategies for different types of assignments such as examinations,

reports, and term papers. Through careful readings of a variety of short articles and excerpts,

students develop an appreciation for the writing skills essential in an academic setting.

New Approaches To Mathematics

In New Approaches To Mathematics, students solve open-ended problems through

experimentation and creativity. They later revisit their hypotheses and prove

them using techniques. Students will also sample various branches of pure and applied

mathematics, with topics such as probability, number theory, and geometry. This course develops

students' creativity, independent thinking, logical reasoning, and ability to rigorously support their

ideas. Instead of using the standard lecture approach, this module uses in-class group exercises in

which students support and complement each other through the entire problem-solving process,

from understanding the problem to presenting the group's solution to the class.

Reading and Critical Thinking

Students develop an understanding of how language works in what they read and see in order to

develop methods for identifying and critically evaluating conveyed messages. A variety of literary

and visual media is considered, including fiction, poetry, drama, newspaper and magazine articles,

movies, and television programs.

Study Skills and Research Techniques

Students practice the skills required to complete high school assignments productively and to do

research in a library. Extensively considered are time management, note-taking, outlining,

examination preparation, and effective class participation.

Students enrolled in this curricular option are required to take a minimum of two modules (one hour each per week).

Investing in your child’s education is the best investment one can make.


The most frequently asked questions:

● How much will this program cost?

● Can I afford to pay for tutoring and will it be worth it?


Answer: We understand that paying for tutoring can be a major sacrifice for most families. Our

goal is to serve the families of the community by offering top quality tutoring at affordable rates.

All children deserve a quality education and we want to help make that happen! We offer various

programs and each child has specific needs, therefore it is recommended that you make an

appointment with the Center’s Director to schedule an appointment to discuss all of your options.

However, we have listed the tuition rates for the summer small group program below.

Kindergarten Prep

6 Week Program $187

8 Week Program $233

10 Week Program $275

Grade 1-8

6 Week Program

1 Hour Per Week $241

2 Hours Per Week $433

8 Week Program

1 Hour Per Week $281

2 Hours Per Week $505

10 Week Program

1 Hour Per Week $305

2 Hours Per Week $585

High School Grades 9-10

6 Weeks

2 Hours Per Week $481

4 Hours Per Week $889

8 Weeks

2 Hours Per Week $569

4 Hours Per Week $1,049

Summer Course Descriptions

At SCA Tutoring Center, we love summer! Summer is a great time to work on

foundational skills that will help children start the new school year strong!

For many children, the summer months can be a time filled with long hours of mindless video

games and unimaginative television watching. Research indicates that all students experience

significant learning loss during the summer months. On average, all students regardless of socio-

economic status lose approximately 2-3 months of learning over the summer break, especially in

math and reading. There is also a documented gap on state tests between children who

participate in some form of summer learning and those who do not.

The SCA Tutoring Center offers parents an opportunity to ensure that their children are

continuously engaged in academically thought-provoking lessons.  Our goal is to prevent the

achievement gap for your students and keep them on the right path with our SCA Summer

Courses. We offer one-on- one instruction as well as small group tutoring.  

Our Program will excel students' reading abilities and help prepare them for the upcoming

school year. We begin the program by administering a free comprehensive diagnostic

assessment and a report outlining the child’s strengths and weaknesses. At SCA Tutoring, we

customize learning and develop a plan specifically for your child. We focus on building and

developing the area of weakness and preparing your child for the skills needed to succeed in the

upcoming school year. The program includes small group instruction and stimulating activities

led by qualified tutors trained in the SCA approach. The session is split into two sections. The

first section of the session will focus on improving foundational skills and the latter will focus on

preparing for the upcoming school year.

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