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summer of 2024 can close the gap

Why Summer Tutoring?

Summer has always been a time where students can potentially lose an average of 2-3 months of knowledge, especially in math and reading.  

At SCA Tutoring Center, we understand the past few years have been a challenging time for students and families alike. With the disruptions to in-person learning, many students have fallen significantly behind in their studies. That's why we're excited to offer our comprehensive summer program, designed to help students in grades K-12 catch up on missed material and prepare for the upcoming academic year.

Our experienced tutors work one-on-one with each student to identify areas of weakness and develop personalized learning plans to address those gaps. Whether your child needs help with foundational skills in reading, math, or writing, or more advanced coursework, we're here to support their academic growth.

Don't let the pandemic disrupt your child's education any further. Enroll them in our summer program and give them the tools they need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more.

In order to keep students engaged in education and thinking critically, we are offering the following for Summer of 2024: 

  • Individualized 1-1 Tutoring

  • Small Group Programs

  • In-Person and Online Sessions

  • 6, 8 or 10 Week Reading Program (grades pre-k-8)

  • 6, 8 or 10 Week Math Program (grades pre-k-8

Why Spend Summers at SCA?

Registering with us helps parents ensure their children are continuously engaged in academically thought-provoking lessons and preparing for the new school year.

Prevent the achievement gap for your child! Enroll in the SCA Tutoring Summer Courses!

Summer 2024 Course Offerings

- One on One Tutoring Program - Whether your child needs help with math, reading, writing, or any other subject, our experienced tutors will create a personalized plan that addresses their specific challenges.     

The Reading Program  will excel students' reading abilities and prepare them for the upcoming school year.  It provides the opportunity to catch up while empowering other students to get ahead of the class. 


The Math Program will improve, maintain, and expand students' math skills during the summer months and prepare them for the upcoming school year. 

The High School Prep Program will provide an intensive review in four major skill areas for students who wish to strengthen their preparation for high school level work.

The Kindergarten Preparation Program provides a comprehensive approach to prepare children for a successful transition to Kindergarten, both academically and socially. We focus on phonological awareness, reading and writing skills, numeracy, and social-emotional development, including listening, following directions, and cooperating with others. Let us help your child develop the skills and concepts needed for a confident start to Kindergarten.

Register now for our program and secure your child's spot before it's too late. Our experienced tutors work  to develop a personalized learning plan and help them get ahead of the curve for the upcoming school year. With limited space available, register now online to avoid the rush and give your child a head start in their academic journey.

More Information

Have questions about our summer tutoring program? Click below to learn more about our approach, tutors, and pricing options. We're here to help you make the best decision for your child's academic success.

For more information,  please take a moment to complete the form below.  We will contact shortly.   

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