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SCA Tutoring Center

205 Palisade Ave.

Garfield, NJ 07026

P: (973) 545-2646

E: director@scatutoring.com

We Make a Great Team!

Discovering what IS possible! Helping students learn that need it the most.

As the Founder and Director of the SCA Tutoring Center, I am extremely proud of our center and the passionate tutors that assist students to reach their academic goals. I have always understood the importance of educating our youth and getting them on the right path. We believe all children should be equipped with the proper tools to reach their full potential.

Our dedicated staff brings a unique blend of talents and expertise to the tutoring center and provides our students with top notch service. Here's what they have to say.

"It is wonderful to see a student suddenly understand a concept that he or she has been struggling with."

- Mr. Joe

"I chose SCA because it believes in giving every student the opportunity to discover their inherent excitement to learn and endless potential."

- Ms. Danielle

"I enjoy tutoring at SCA because I am able to help students understand and enjoy the fascinating world of mathematics!"

- Nicole 

"I enjoy working at SCA because it is fun to watch the children grow academically and be able to help them achieve their goals!"

- Ms. Danielle

"Its exhilarating and rewarding being part of the SCA tutoring center. We all work together as advocates and tutors whose main goal is to assist our students as individuals. Their success is our objective!"

- Ms. Cindy

"As an SCA tutor, I enjoy the liberty of devising curriculum based on each student's needs."

- Ms. Stephanie

"One of the best things about tutoring is when a student comes to you with an improved test grade or positive comments from their school teachers. Seeing a student be happy and proud of their work is the best part about working in the SCA Tutoring Center."

- Ms. Tania

"I will always be grateful to the SCA and its staff as they were a tremendous resource for me as a young student. Now, it is my pleasure to give back and help other students progress and reach their greatest potential."  Ms. Z

"The SCA Tutoring Center has helped many students to understand the importance of education. Each of the students who walk through our doors are eager to learn and overcome their obstacles. This all begins with great tutors! I am grateful for the opportunity to work with our students and the entire SCA team!” Ms. Meghan

Are you a professional looking to make a difference in the lives of children?  Do you have a desire to help students reach their goals?  Join our team!

Begin by downloading and completing the application below. Also, email your cover letter and resume to director@scatutoring.com. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a call to schedule a skills assessment and interview.

Join Our Team!