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Welcome to the exciting world of Math Magic! In this workbook, children will explore the fascinating world of numbers from 11 to 20. Through a variety of hands-on activities and engaging exercises, children will develop strong number recognition skills, learn to count and write numbers, and explore simple subtraction.


This workbook takes a multisensory approach to learning, incorporating fun and engaging activities that stimulate children's visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses. From tracing and writing numbers to coloring, the children will have a blast while mastering essential math skills.


Each page of the workbook features colorful and engaging illustrations that will captivate children's attention and inspire their curiosity. The activities in this workbook are designed to be both fun and educational, encouraging children to explore and discover at their own pace.


With the Math Magic: 11-20 Workbook, children will gain a solid foundation in number recognition and math skills that will serve them well throughout their academic career. So come join the fun and discover the magic of math!


  • This workbook is for personal use only and may not be shared or distributed without permission from the owner. Any reproduction, distribution, or sharing of the contents of this workbook is strictly prohibited. The owner retains all rights to the workbook and its contents, and any unauthorized use is a violation of copyright law. Thank you for respecting the terms of use for this workbook.

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